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Bili Blanket Phototherapy System

Bili Blanket Phototherapy System

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Fibre Optic Blanket LED Phototherapy

India's first Fibre optic LED Phototherapy

An Innovative solution for giving jaundice and treatment parent bonding together

Helps mother side phototherapy.

LED Phototherapy Blanket is an ideal treatment when ventilator and incubator patient

Required phototherapy.

LED Phototherapy Blanket do not emit any unwanted wavelengths like UV / Infrared. It’s

Avoiding the skin rashes and weight loss – that’s common in conventional


LED Phototherapy Blanket recommended in Intensive double surface phototherapy as an under

Surface unit


Fibre Optic Technology

Spectral irradiance 35 Micro Watt/cm2/nm

No Ultra violet – No Skin rashes

No Infrared – No Fluid loss/weight loss /Hyperthermia

Total usage Timer and Patient timer

Larger surface area

Low Power consumption

Long Life of LED source – 20,000 Hours

Performance Specification

Light Source - High bright Blue LED – For treatment

Wavelength - 450 -465 nm ( Peak at 458 nm)

Spectral Irradiance - 35 MicroW/cm2/nm

Surface area - 45 X 25 cm

Electrical Specifications

Electrical Input - 220 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz