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Bilirubin meters

Bilirubin meters

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Bilirubin Analyser MicroBiI provides simple, quick and accurate results of total bilirubin

Microbii is advanced and optimized instrument for measuring neonate’s bilirubin

Microbil eliminates interference from turbidity and heomolysis with its unique dual wavelength measurement system

Microbil requires minimal sample volume

Built in self diagnostics

Life long LED light source, which does not require replacement

New design capillary holder, which prevents damage & breakage of capillary tubes

Quick reading photometer displays results in 2 seconds

Built in battery backup that can last for over 500 test

Thermal printer with built in battery back up for printing the results


Unique maintenance free instrument for the measurement of neonatal total bilirubin with single drop of blood.

Microcontroller Based Economical, Reliable, easy to use and built in self diagnostic instrument.

Unique dual wavelength measurement to eliminate hemolysis and turbidity.

Photometric analysis with lifelong super flux LED of 460 and 550 nm wavelengths.

75 mm Disposable heparinized capillary require a single drop sample volume.

Test Time- 2 seconds with measuring range of 0-40 mg/dl.

No drifting, no calibration required.

16*2 alphanumeric display, 4 keys membrane keypad.

Data storage of 500 test results.

Dual Power supply mode with Rechargeable batteries and power adapter.

External printer connectivity.

Unique international design


Light Source

Life Long Light Emitting Diodes

Wave length

460 nm & 570 nm

Measuring Range

0-40 mg.dL


Alpha numeric Liquid Crystal display

Power Supply

12 V 1A Remote Power Supply

Dimension & Weight

222 (W) x 180 (D) x 100 (H) mm & 1.5 Kg

Built in Battery Backup

Sufficient for 500 Test