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LED Phototherapy Unit

LED Phototherapy Unit

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LED Phototherapy Stand Unit

Phototherapy units are full featured NICU equipment to meet neonatal critical care requirements for new-born baby those in need of jaundice treatment. Phototherapy (Blue light treatment) is the process of using blue light to eliminate bilirubin in the blood.

LED Phototherapy stand comes with 18 High Bright Super Flux LED lamps with electronic digital timer for total lamp usage and patient treatment exposure, LED life fifty thousand burning hours or 6 years whichever earlier, maximum irradiance at Skin level up to 50µw/cm2/nm at 30cm with wave length 420 to 500nm. Optical design ensures uniform light distribution to the patient surface area

Heavy duty mobile stand mounted on four antiskid castors with height adjustable facility, Light source unit made with high quality FRR [Fire Retardant Resin] grade fibre material for extra safety from fire, electric shocks and corrosion

*Accessories shown in the image may not be part of the standard equipment

  • Heavy duty mobile stand phototherapy unit

  • Fire retardant enclosure for light source

  • Light source height adjustment approx. 0.95 m to 1.5 m

  • Light source tilt – continuous upto +/- 90º

  • Source cooling fan

  • Therapeutic high wattage blue LEDs (12 Nos.)

  • Wavelength – 455 to 465nm

  • High irradiance at skin level up to 55 µw/cm2 /nm

  • Effective surface area 50 cm x 30 cm at 45/35 from light source with uniformity ratio of > 0.40

  • LED Lamps rated to last upto 50,000 hrs (with 30% depreciation)

  • Dual digital cumulative hour timer for LED usage and patient exposure

  • Mounted on 2” castors