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Blood Bag Centrifuges

Blood Bag Centrifuges

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Blood Capillary Centrifuge

Technical feature 
To use for determining the blood cell in the blood mainly is more worthwhile than to glue, the micro- blood is separated from micro- solution one, etc.. 

Table top ABS moulded body with SS bowl, digital RPM meter, and digital timer 0-15 minutes. Max. RPM approx. 12000 with pre program speed controller. Complete with Micro Hematocrite rotor to accommodate 24 capillaries of 75mmx1mm or 12 capillaries, Heparinised & Non-Heparinised capillary tubes 75mm long x 1mm bore (Pack of 100 Nos.) & Reading Device.

Technical Data 

Max Speed: 12000r/min 
Capacity of the rotor: 24Blood Capillary 
Timer Range: 015min 
Power Supply: AC220V 50Hz 5A 
Dimensions: 330×420×275mm (L×W×H) 
Weight: 15kg